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Rebecca Ralls Consulting

Rebecca is a certified Accounting Seed Service Partner and Salesforce Administrator. As a former cost accountant for a small manufacturing company, Rebecca combines her passion for the Salesforce Platform with a strong understanding of the mechanics of accounting.

Since 2012, Rebecca has been helping Accounting Seed clients design, implement, and troubleshoot their systems.  Her in depth knowledge on the accounting side of Accounting Seed is what really sets her apart from a typical Salesforce consultant. In addition, she understands the complexity of how information flows through the accounting system in the purchasing and manufacturing process, and in particular, how they do so in Accounting Seed.

As a solo consultant, Rebecca focuses on only a handful of projects a year.  This enables her to dedicate her time getting to know your business, understanding your pain points, and determining what metrics you need to understand how efficiently your business is performing.

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