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Clear Cloud One is devoted to building products and providing services to enhance the Accounting Seed platform. We are a seasoned team of accounting, audit, enterprise resource planning, and systems integration professionals who are certified in Accounting Seed.

We have listened to Accounting Seed clients who seek to simplify collaborating with vendors and partners and designed a portal solution to meet their needs.

Clear Cloud One has developed an industry leading solution for the seamless onboarding and management of Accounting Seed vendors. It integrates and leverages the technologies of Salesforce, Accounting Seed, and the leading PRM provider, Impartner to make online vendor interactions seamless and easy. This Self-Service, SOC-2 compliant portal allows your organization to present financial data securely to your clients. The benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Automated Vendor Onboarding
    • Digitize signing of vendor confidentiality, NDA, code of conduct agreements
    • Automate vendor portal access approvals and approval routing
    • Automate tax and other document submissions
    • Automate password management and retrieval
  • Vendor Portal
    • Self Service Access to Information, Calendars, etc.
    • Control web portal pages without a programmer using CMS
    • Asset Library provides easy, searchable & secure self-service access to important documents & training
  • Automated Accounting Seed Integration
    • Full digitization and automation of payments processes
    • Automate Exchange of Purchase Orders, Approvals, Invoices
    • Provide secure visibility as to the status of the vendor’s P.O.’s, Invoices, and Payments
    • Enable access to any Accounting Seed object in the Salesforce CRM

This solution will improve productivity by allowing the vendors a self-service functionality that will streamline the supply chain and professional services processes.

Here are some of the processes the portal can service:

The sample fictitious medical supply company below has granted access to a supplier via the Vendor Portal. The vendor, upon logging in, can upload their W-9 tax information and access vendor guidelines, best practices via the Asset Library, and view training on the training pages. The vendor can also update account and contact information to ensure accurate communication versus having to do so via an employee at the company. The vendor can, upon logging in, view the status of purchase orders, invoices, payments, and more.

The process below is simple. First, a vendor can be notified a Purchase Order has been issued. Next, they can view or download the purchase order information. When the medical supplies have been shipped, the vendor can log back in and upload an invoice. Using Accounting Seed, the accounting staff can approve the invoice then record the payable and issue the cash disbursement. The vendor can then check on the status of the payable, noting the progression stages and the dates.

partner portal - clear cloud one
partner portal - clear cloud one
partner portal - clear cloud one
partner portal - clear cloud one

This is the standard Vendor Portal configuration; however, the power of the Vendor Portal environment allows you to access to any Salesforce object on the platform, managed or unmanaged. Our professional services teams can leverage the Portal and CMS to provide you with a custom portal application that your team can manage going forward.

These applications are used at hundreds of the world’s leading companies based on user-friendly templates and CMS and a licensing model that allocates a single Integration User license for access to the Salesforce objects.

No Worries – we can always make room for your logo!

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