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Own your decisions. Own your results. Own your success.
Understand. Engage. Transform

We help our customers break free from an internally-oriented mindset and convert their thinking and process to lead them to connect with clients and stakeholders, so they leverage the information to optimize their value and scale their business.

The customer-centric mindset Wins. Every. Time. Specializing in the development and implementation of a client-centric culture, Ownly helps its clients to better understand their market and customers, to use the best customer management platform available and to align the ideal team structure required to deliver the customer-centric brand commercializing strategy.

Ownly leverages Salesforce.com to help make your customer-centric brand story operational in practice. We design a process and then implement Salesforce.com’s applications to become the customer-driven command center which expedites that process and vision organization-wide.

Ownly Conseil is a certified Salesforce and Accounting Seed Partner based in Canada. We offer Consulting and Implementation Services focusing on creating robust and customized solutions designed specifically for our client’s unique needs. Our focus is to help organizations get the most of the Accounting Seed and Salesforce platform. Ownly Conseil is with their clients every step of the way, from business analysis to training and support, guiding them through the whole transition process.

You can visit our website: https://ownly.co/ for further information.

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