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NFP Success

NFP Success has serviced nonprofits with Fund Accounting, Constituent Relationship Management, and related software for over 20 years and has experienced numerous unique types of organizations in various nonprofit sectors.

First, NFP Success begins with a discovery process, which includes familiarizing themselves with the existing data, organizational workflows, and future business plans.

Next, they strategize the steps necessary to transition to the new system by identifying any customization or automation opportunities, prioritizing and documenting the system conversion stages, and coordinating the execution of the various elements developed in these processes.

Finally, NFP starts the implementation of the new system. The discovery process helps ensure that the new system meets the organizational needs of their clients and that time and money are not wasted on automating processes that should be streamlined.

NFP Success is proud to partner with Accounting Seed and the Salesforce Nonprofit CRM. It allows their team to provide a customized solution, integrate the organizational infrastructure, and enable future growth scalability.

The end goal is to help nonprofits focus on their mission, not administration.

For more information, please contact them, or go to their website,

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