MTD for Accounting Seed

Bringing HMRC recognized VAT Handling to Accounting Seed

MTD for Accounting seed provides a robust workflow to ensure MTD compliance, with direct integration with HMRC to submit your returns.

With tools to set up the key VAT Treatments as Tax Groups and Tax Rates in Accounting Seed, including reverse charge the whole configuration process is simple. Using these Tax Groups with Sales Invoices (Billings) and Purchase Invoices (Payables) ensures the correct values in your VAT Return.

It’s simple to manage the full VAT submission processes:

  • Process your VAT return
  • Validate your VAT Return
  • Directly submit your VAT Return to HMRC
  • Post your VAT Return in Accounting Seed
  • Ensure compliance with record locking

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Expensify Accounting Seed Connector

Make your expenses headache go away

Tired of copying expense reports into Accounting Seed?
Your staff hate filling out expense reports, right?
There must be a better solution.

Expensify is probably the most successful expenses management app in the world, and it’s so simple to use there is no excuse for late expense reports! Look at what you can do with Expensify:

  • Simply take a photo of your receipt with your phone.
  • Tag the expense for Project, Department and GL Code etc.
  • Match to automatically downloaded corporate credit card transactions.
  • Get expenses approved.

The Expensify Accounting Seed Connector, a plugin from Alpha Index, then takes all this information and intelligently adds it to Accounting Seed. Easy, flexible, robust & error free.

  • Tag and Category Mapping
  • Multi-company & multi-currency support
  • Tax handling
  • Supports all Expensify license options ‘Free’ to ‘Control’
  • Creates all the postings in Accounting Seed to properly manage expenses

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