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Mamoon is a Salesforce™ implementation and support partner whose mission is to empower customers to succeed so they can create a positive impact on their community.

At Mamoon, they believe that there is a better way to help businesses solve their technology challenges. Rather than serve customers from the perspective of a “typical” consultant, Mamoon seeks to become co-workers and form lasting partnerships. They provide complete transparency throughout the entire process, because they want you to be 100% satisfied with the end result.

Mamoon’s passion for helping their customers succeed is what drives them. They cultivate a team of purpose -driven leaders who believe that business should be a force for good and make it their mission to innovate fearlessly and create a positive impact.

Integration with Accounting Seed

Mamoon is a partner and customer of Accounting Seed. They have implemented the solution in their own org and use it every day, giving them an intimate understanding of the platform. Therefore, they can speak to both sides of the experience – partner and customer. This unique perspective empowers them to help customers optimize their use of the platform and achieve the most value.

If you’re ready to empower infinite possibilities for your business, contact Mamoon here or by emailing them at

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