These two market-leading solutions provide a rock-solid foundation for successful online business. But aligning data and processes between them is a major challenge. Why? Because these two platforms don’t have an easy way to talk to each other.

Instead, keeping real-time, accurate data for both Salesforce and Magento requires substantial manual attention that wastes time, resources and capital. Yet if the data is not synchronized, businesses run the risk of serious inventory, customer and finance problems.

At PowerSync, smooth Salesforce-Magento communication is our central goal. We have produced an intelligent connector that lets your business pass data between your Magento stores and your Salesforce CRM. It works while your customers are shopping online or your sales representatives are logging phone orders directly into Magento. It’s an efficient and complete commerce data system.


  • Customers – bi-directional integration between Magento customers and Salesforce Leads, Accounts, Person Accounts and Contacts.
  • Products – ability to synchronize Magento products with Salesforce
  • Orders – ability to automatically create Sales Orders in Salesforce directly from your Magento store
  • Custom fields – ability to synchronize records and leverage field level customizations you’ve made in both system.
  • Multi-store & multi-currency support
  • Synchronization can take place real time or based on an interval specified
  • No middle man or service – integration passes data from your Magento store directly to a Salesforce Org.
  • Ability to synchronize new and/or history records


  • Enterprise version of Salesforce. Integration with Professional version of Salesforce is available with limited features upon request.
  • Magento Community 1.5+ or Magento Enterprise 1.8+
  • Bi-directional integration requires your Magento store to use a valid SSL certificate

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