Eposly is a cloud-based point-of-sale solution native to Salesforce. Users can link their point of sales operations, CRM, and accounting information on one platform. Eposly brings retailers closer to their customers, while giving the organization full visibility into the point of sale operations. This allows Eposly users to truly understand customer buying habits.

Eposly lets you fully control your point-of-sale data while also offering key functions like order creation, receipt printing, and real-time stock updates and barcode scanning. Eposly’s interactive dashboards allow you to track data and create reports on sales, transaction details, view stock levels, and track customer loyalty to really guide key decisions for your business.

The connection between Eposly and Accounting Seed gives you full control of your financial cycle from receiving payments to managing bills. All financial data will remain accurate and smoothly factor into a straightforward financial management process that emphasizes automation to expedite key functions.  

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