Xappex focuses on integrating all kinds of spreadsheet software with Salesforce. Along with their flagship product XL-Connector, Xappex also offers products that integrate your Salesforce data to Google Sheets Excel Online, and Excel for Mac.

When it comes to working with data, the ubiquity of Excel is hard to beat. It provides tons of shortcuts for modifying, reporting and representing data, so it is only natural to augment the powers of Salesforce with usability of Excel. XL-Connector does just that – it provides tools to pull data from Salesforce, work on it in Excel, and push it back with one click.

XL-Connector provides a seamless integration to the Accounting Seed Financial Suite. With XL-Connector, we provide the service of creating custom templates for Accounting Seed. Given a task, we can make it possible to load various multi object scenarios to Accounting Seed directly from Excel. There is no need for CSV files and no hassle pulling your Salesforce financial data into excel. With Accounting Seed and XL-Connector you have all the amazing tools of Excel right at your fingertips to produce, present, and customize your Financial Statements, Balance Sheets and more in one platform.

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