ELTON by AccountAbility Solutions

ELTON (Equipment Location Tracking ONline) eliminates the tedious paperwork and time spent tracking your equipment through its easy-to-use mobile feature. You can create and scan an individual QR code, or scan a pre-existing barcode, on your equipment and you’re ready to record its movement, all on your phone. Just click “Assign,” “Loan,” or “Return” and the transaction is ready for you to track online, no more scrolling through spreadsheets. Geolocation features let you record exactly where your equipment was when scanned, informing you which items are booked or open for use in order to plan for projects.

ELTON is fully integrated on Salesforce, so you can draw data from other native software to help track and manage your equipment. In addition to tracking your equipment’s use, ELTON lets you record damages and create collections of equipment in order to move multiple items simultaneously. Visual flow, approval processes, page layouts, and more are customizable to your individual needs.

ELTON’s seamless connection with Accounting Seed links all your equipment costs and expenses into the general ledger to create a comprehensive, streamlined financial management system.

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