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CloudBudget began in 2012 as a Salesforce AppExchange partner with the goal of giving organizations an affordable and scalable replacement for troublesome spreadsheet budgeting approaches.

A native, fully Lightning application, CloudBudget 2.0 fully integrates with Accounting Seed. Specifically, the two systems are integrated by both master data and transactional data.

When integrating Accounting Seed and CloudBudget 2.0 the first step is to sync each systems’ analytics. This includes mapping common data such as Periods, GL Accounts, and GL Variables. This process is achieved initially and maintained via CloudBudget’s integration module. No manual work is needed.

On the transactional level, Cloudbudget takes and summarizes Accounting Seed transactions. We call the resulting summary records “CB Fin Cubes.” The summarized Accounting Seed actuals are then used as the starting point for the next period’s budget data. The actual data from Accounting Seed, once shared with CloudBudget, is utilized in configured reports where management can analyze actual vs planned performance.

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