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CloudJungle are UK, onshore team of consultants who are passionate about helping clients align all of their business operations on the Salesforce platform in order to help deliver efficiencies and a great customer experience. We are delighted to have Accounting Seed as a Strategic Partner as their Accounting Apps help us connect your finance operations with sales and operational departments.

Our team of certified consultants have worked across multiple Salesforce Clouds to ensure we have the right expertise to align your Accounting Seed Implementation with your business processes.

How we work

We use an Agile Project Delivery philosophy with Scrum to deliver working functionality to you quickly. We then iterate to build on functionality in a prioritised manner. This is best achieved whilst working closely with you in small teams with frequent interactions and with everyone committed to delivering clear objectives in short time frames.

We believe in a clicks not code approach meaning we configure Accounting Seed and Salesforce using the declarative tools that Salesforce provides. Our consultants are also the people delivering with the workflow rather than referring to developers meaning we can rapidly develop solutions and iterations to existing functionality whilst minimising waste.

Who have we worked with?

We have worked with both low value / high volume b2c subscription based businesses plus also high value low volume b2b companies delivering services through complex project work. Financial efficiency and accuracy aligned with core business activities is vital for the success of these organisations.

What is your challenge?

By taking the decision to Implement Accounting Seed on the Salesforce Platform you are giving yourself access to an opportunity to open up incredible operational efficiencies within the business but these must be tailored to your organisation. Tell us more about your journey and so that we can plot a path to success.

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