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Clear Cloud One as an Accounting Seed partner, has a team of professional services and accounting experts, who have built an Artificial Intelligence platform installation and applications development and delivery across many cloud platforms – no matter where your or your partner’s data resides!

Salesforce® Tableau CRM

If the majority of the data your organization utilizes is on Salesforce, there is an opportunity to see a dramatic improvement in the efficiency of how you engage with that information for transformation business results. We have certified Einstein Analytics resources that can help you leverage the power of artificial intelligence on the Salesforce® platform. We have demonstrated how to implement the Einstein solution with reasonably priced packages so comprehensive; they include licensing and training.

Are you fully leveraging the power of the Einstein platform on Salesforce to drive dramatic improvement in your business results? Our clients have seen results that have been game-changing regarding cutting costs and increasing margins through marketing and sales focus. If this sounds interesting, we would love to show you how this capability can make a meaningful impact on your organization.

Suppose your data is on or even external to the Salesforce® platform. In that case, you need to talk to us about deploying Einstein – as the power of artificial intelligence is learning what you did not know to allow you to scale!

Cloud Database Management Systems

If the majority of the data in your organization or external is in a public cloud, we have technical expertise in Artificial intelligence on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and their database platform as service (dbPaaS) products. This open-source solution allows us to bring together Terabytes of data from disparate sources and deploy AI solutions to provide insight and solutions to previously unsolvable business problems.

In addition to Salesforce, our team is skilled in the Apache Spark, Compute Engine, and Snowflake data platforms. Wherever your data is stored, or no matter how you would like to mine it, we have the team that can deliver!

clear cloud one AI functionality

How do you get started on putting your data to work? Consider the guidelines below. Here is our guide to Accelerators on these platforms:

clear cloud one AI functionality
clear cloud one AI functionality

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