Clear Cloud One Integration 

Clear Cloud One built an integration between Accounting Seed on and to process vendor payments.

Clear Cloud One provides a custom user interface for the accounting team to pull the Recurring or Billing information from the Bill Header, Bill Lines, and Bill Payment information from and create Payable records in Accounting Seed.

The Accounting Seed user, via this custom interface, selects the data range to pull the payment information from, which then creates the Cash Disbursement records associated with the Vendor Payable record. integration to accounting seed

The Clear Cloud One application allows the Accounting Seed accountant user to verify and override the header and line level accounting detail to ensure that the AP Disbursement transaction is coded correctly. Accounting Seed Users can modify the Quantity and Amount of the Payable and Internal Comments. The posting of the Cash Disbursement can either be automated or manually approved.

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