Ascent Solutions

Since 2007, Ascent Solutions provides 100% native applications that dramatically improve operations, revenue, and customer satisfaction across lines of business.  Our goal is to assist our customers purchasing, operations, warehouse, sales, service and finance teams to take control over their inventory and order management, replenishment, warehouse mobility, and returns.

Ascent Solutions vision is to bring an enterprise class experience to the start-up and SMB companies. 

Integration with Ascent Solutions

The integration between Ascent ERP and Accounting Seed is focused on utilizing the strengths of each system and not duplicating data. There will be very minimal “syncing” of records to achieve a full solution.  Ascent ERP will be responsible for creating the originating inventory transactions which will result in Accounting Seed Journal Entries.  Invoicing, Bills, Payment of those accounting records, and final reconciliation will be handled in Accounting Seed. Since both applications are on platform, there is no external system synching any data.

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