Accounting Software for Financial Services

Accounting Seed provides you with all the tools you need to gauge the financial health of all your clients’ accounts and manage billing processes in a single interface.

One Single Source of Data

Accounting Seed is one system that lets you customize every facet of your individual accounts. Here are some key features for the financial services industry:

  • Monitor profitability, account transactions, and profit and loss.
  • Develop reports that capture the details you need to make key decisions
  • Effectively pilot the financial management of your clients.

You can also manage multiple ledgers and billing cycles without ever leaving the platform. Embrace the power of automation and choose an accounting solution that will grow with your financial services business. 

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financial services co-workers using accounting seed

Learn how NetPlus Alliance, an industrial buying group, utilized Accounting Seed to manage the success of their accounts.

“Business owners today need to know where you can create new processes to maximize efficiency and cut costs. Having a tool like Accounting Seed has allowed us to embrace process management.”

Jennifer Murphy

President, NetPlus Alliance

Key Features for Financial Services

Ledger Management

Advanced Ledger Management

Enable multiple ledgers. Looking for specific details? Our ledger account inquiry feature will help you find exactly what you need without wasting time. Accounting Seed also supports Trust Accounting.



Accounting Seed gives you full control over how you collect and manage financial data, and automate essential functions like billing.


Expedite financial processes with simple click-through steps instead of complicated code.

Transform Your Business Now

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