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Salesforce Accounting Translates to Success for DLS

Salesforce accounting translates to success for DLS

Diplomatic Language Services (DLS) is a leading language services provider whose customers include the federal government and private clientele. To deliver streamlined customer service and comply with government regulations while on Salesforce, they needed a powerful accounting tool. 

EMPAUA Adapts Accounting Seed for German Market

EMPAUA and Accounting Seed

EMPAUA is a European digital consultancy that specializes in Salesforce implementations and developing custom solutions. Partnering with Accounting Seed, they deliver a fully aligned and efficient financial cycle. EMPAUA brings a combined total of 100+ years of Salesforce experience. 

TZ Money - Accounting Scale Scale Scale

TZ Money - Accounting Scale Scale Scale

Who said accounting is boring again? If you think it is, the first-ever accounting rap by Accounting Seed will change your mind! This is a story all about how overwhelmed accountant Neil and his boss adopted Accounting Seed and were able to help the company SCALE! SCALE! SCALE!

Our Reimagined Bank Direct Connect

bank direct connect video thumbnail

For smoother bank transaction data management, we’ve totally revitalized our Bank Direct Connect feature. Get a sneak peak of our new Bank Direct Connect enhancements coming to you this November 2020 in the Jasmine Release. Don’t miss out!

The Accounting Game with Buddy has Arrived!

the accounting game with buddy thumnbnail

The Accounting Game with Buddy is an interactive, easy-to-use board game that teaches accounting basics. Check out our video explaining the accounting fundamentals behind the game. Download the game guide and board game after watching. Play the Accounting Game with Buddy today!

Back Office Buddy's Origin Story

buddy orgin story thumbnail

Your back office Buddy has arrived! Meet Buddy, “founder” of Accounting Seed, mascot, and leader of our latest accounting basics educational video series. Take a walk with us down memory lane as we look back to where it all began… Sprout College, 2008.

NetPlus Alliance Thrives with Accounting Seed

netplus alliance thumbnail

The way NetPlus Alliance has been able to grow since the adoption of Accounting Seed is a great example of how flexible our platform is. Businesses of all sorts are not only utilizing Accounting Seed, they’re thriving as they continue to mold the application.

Why Are Accountants Conservative By Nature?

why are accountants so conservative thumbnail

Accountants have a healthy skepticism of big plans presented by sales, marketing, and operations executives. They often ask the tough questions on timelines and profitability. Frequently, accountants will use historical data to set or challenge expectations. Why? 

Accounting Platform vs Accounting Application

app vs platform thumbnail

An accounting app only works within its inherent design. On the other hand, an accounting platform lets you build an IT solution around your exact needs. Learn the differences between an accounting app vs accounting platform and why this matters, especially in difficult times! 

Top 10 Ways Business Software is Customized

top 10 ways business software is customized thumbnail

Who doesn’t want tech to work how they want?! Software customization helps your business flourish, even save money – depending on the application you’re using! Here are the top 10 ways business software is customized, the benefits, and what’s involved.

How to Scale Your Accounting System

how to scale you accounting system thumbnail

If you’re building a house, a nail gun will serve you more efficiently than just a hammer – it’s the same principle with your accounting system! Let’s dive into the factors that dictate the scope you need for your accounting system and why you need to scale your accounting.

Accounting Seed Opens Office in the United Kingdom

Accounting Seed Opens UK Office thumbnail

In this video, Shannon Cochran interviews founder and CEO, Tony Zorc and Vice President of Sales – EMEA, Shane Deacon, on why Accounting Seed is the leading inspirational accounting platform and why the UK location was chosen for this expanding market.

BMFA Puts Out Their Back Office Fire With AS

brindlee mountain thumbnail

Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus (BMFA) empowers fire departments around the world. BMFA used to rely on multiple systems to run the company, such as Excel and QuickBooks. Since moving to Accounting Seed and Salesforce, BMFA now has one source of truth!

Check Out Why CRM Has Eclipsed ERP

crm eclipses erp thumbnail

We explore how and why the CRM has utterly eclipsed the long-reigning ERP system as the central hub of the organization’s IT system. This is a story of technology and changing needs that we have seen multiple times with other technology giants as Netflix and Uber.

NVIS Inc. Levels Up Quality With Accounting Seed

nvis thumbnail

NVIS needed a streamlined accounting solution to eliminate tedious manual work and data errors. Check out how Accounting Seed helped NVIS master their accounting and inventory management to focus more on making the best products possible!

5 Ways to Control IT Cloud Costs

true cost of IT

While some expenses are shrinking in the IT world, there are still a lot of hidden costs surrounding a modern cloud IT environment. What are the essential costs? We’ll answer these questions and more as we explore the Top 5 Ways to Control Cloud IT Costs.

Accounting Seed Grow Into Enterprise Market

Accounting Seed, a top-rated accounting solution native to Salesforce, announces it is expanding into the enterprise market!   Check out the official announcement from founder and CEO, Tony Zorc, where he highlights the key enterprise features.

4 Ways to Avoid Integration Hell

Companies are being seduced into using too many apps to meet their growing demands and then find themselves struggling to connect these applications into a streamlined system. Stay out of Integration Hell and seek salvation with these 4 easy steps.   

A Day in the Life of a Tech Entrepreneur

Being a tech entrepreneur can be challenging. One thing that can help you conduct business smoothly is carefully structuring your workday for maximum efficiency. Let’s take a look at a typical day in the life of our own tech CEO, Tony Zorc, to give you some ideas.

Ken Christiansen of augeōBPM - Accounting Seed

Ken Christiansen, founder and CEO of the company augeōBPM, is featured in this customer spotlight. Ken explains why Accounting Seed is the go-to solution for a new breed of accountants seeking to transform their companies and take them to the next level. 

Top 8 Reasons IT Implementations Fail

Implementation projects primarily fail due to internal problems – a combination of poor planning and miscommunication. Let’s count down the reasons why IT implementations fail and examine how you and your team can overcome these eight pitfalls.

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