What happens when two leading native Salesforce apps specializing in Accounting, MRP, and ERP join forces? You receive one comprehensive supercharged business management solution for distributors and manufacturers alike. Such a solution is now available courtesy of the partnership between AscentERP and Accounting Seed.  

Here are six reasons why Accounting Seed in conjunction with AscentERP provide a powerful front and back office combination:

  1. Strings device integration for barcode scanning
  2. Automates replenishment of stock through the master planner
  3. Enables multi-level bill of material for complex manufacturing
  4. Supports advanced costing methods including LIFO, FIFO, and weighted average
  5. Includes advanced serialization and lot control
  6. Dual Open Architecture and flexibility as native Salesforce applications

The Accounting Seed and AscentERP workflow will not only deliver automation to your routine accounting and procurement tasks but also help you maintain a lean business throughout the entire supply chain lifecycle.

You can read this press release to learn more about our partnership with AscentERP.

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