Accounting Seed has come out with a way to streamline your back office management.  Now you have the ability to import your financial files directly into the application. 

In the latest Financial Suite release we have added the ability to easily upload any of your bank or credit card transactions directly into Accounting Seed with no file transformation necessary.  We support OFX and QFX, which are files types used by most financial institutions.  If you have a third party tool for expense reports or any other transactions that use these file types, they can also be uploaded.

Every time you do an import, the application will automatically check to make sure you are not importing any duplicate transactions and will match accounts to vendors you have used before. We are the perfect tool for the growing small business, especially since many small business transactions are done on a debit or credit card.  With this new feature you are able to seamlessly import all your financial information into your Accounting application.