Cut month-end in half with AR Automation

  • Save time with cash receipts and fees automatically recorded and reconciled when your customers pay electronically.
  • Increase flexibility through configurable software and decide how much in fees to pass on to your customers while also giving them the ability to make full or partial payments.
  • Build trust and confidence with customers by presenting a professional, branded payment site.
  • Access white glove support for payments through our partner Cardknox with 24/7 support and optional anti-fraud measures and tools.

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The #1 accounting solution built on salesforce

AR Automation software is available from Accounting Seed

A complete solution

Run your business from one system with CRM & accounting together

Visibility into performance

Gain real-time visibility into business performance from sales, operations, and finance

Adaptable & scaleable

Easily adapt and scale accounting processes to your business with clicks, not code

Trusted cloud platform

Access a world-class cloud platform with top security and data integrity protocols

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How does AR Automation software work?

  • A customer makes a payment
  • Cardknox processes the payment automatically, then settles it in a batch at the end of the day
  • Merchant Download job creates Cash Receipts, applies them to Billings, and creates a Bank Deposit to aggregate all payments in the batch
  • Merchant Download job then creates a Journal Entry to record the deposit and associated fees
  • Batch deposit and associated fees are auto-matched and auto-cleared on the Bank Reconciliation

Want to know the best part? You get more time back in your workday with the peace of mind that your AR workflow was handled right. 

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Streamline your accounts receivable processes

Skip the tedious data entry and constant back-and-forth with AR Automation. It saves you time and money by lowering processing costs and fully automating the customer payment process, from the time a payment is made through reconciliation. This gives you and your team the power to refocus resources on higher value work.

Enhance how you manage accounts receivable

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We run our whole company on Accounting Seed

“Accounting Seed and Salesforce run our whole company end to end. The platform is easy to adjust to our specific needs. We have become a far more efficient company. The seamless integration allows our team to focus more on selling and less on paperwork, which is a huge win for us.”

Stephen Allred

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See why 50,000+ daily users trust Accounting Seed

“I was thrilled when I came across Accounting Seed being that it is native to Salesforce and I could take what we were doing manually on Excel documents and connect that to Salesforce through Accounting Seed.”

David Jacoby
President & Founder, Hostfully


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Super user friendly!

"The best part for me is the ease of use. Almost anything can be reversed in the event of a mistake, making it easier to track transactions. The fact that the system can also track who updated an item and when, is just great for accountability!"

Yarelis Rodriquez

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See why 50,000+ daily users trust Accounting Seed

"Because we were able to automate our billing process and the payment processing, we were able to significantly shorten our time to cash."

Ellen Fortas
CFO, LB Technology

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Nice having everything in one place

“The integration was easy. Their team guided us through everything, including the mapping from our previous accounting software. It's nice not having to go back and forth between multiple systems anymore. Highly recommend.”

Brian Bartos

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See why 50,000+ daily users trust Accounting Seed

“We spent a lot of time looking for an accounting solution, and Accounting Seed met all of our expectations. The app is very easy to customize, and we were able to get exactly what we wanted.”

Emily Tam
Director of IT & Infrastructure, Borrego Solar

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Seamless integration with Salesforce

"We have been an Accounting Seed user for over 5 years. Works great within Salesforce. Upgrades from Accounting Seed have been very good over the years. I would recommend to anyone looking for a GL within Salesforce."

Jeff Boose

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See why 50,000+ daily users trust Accounting Seed

"We’re huge Accounting Seed fans, it’s a really cool platform. One of the things I love Accounting Seed for is the native accounting in Salesforce. It makes me never question or doubt the matching of our sales forecast and our revenue. I love being able to know the data that’s being shown to the salespeople is real and it’s accurate."

Craig Dunlap
Founder & CEO, Delegate CX

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See why 50,000+ daily users trust Accounting Seed

“We integrated our business, reduced redundancy, and boosted company efficiency with Accounting Seed. Why did we wait so long?”

Chris LoVerde
Financial Controller, King-Devick Technologies, Inc.

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See why 50,000+ daily users trust Accounting Seed

"I can create customizable reports that my owners want to see. No longer am I exporting to Excel and spending hours reformatting everything. That’s all been eliminated. And the elimination of errors and inconsistencies makes a huge difference for an accountant like me."

JeaNae Remala
Controller, LionHeart Critical Power Specialists

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