Accounting Seed’s Order Management solution helps organizations efficiently manage their tasks associated with tracking inventory and order fulfillment.  

For instance, Accounting Seed enables you to track Inventory Balances based on item quantities in stock by location and warehouse.  Also, any information related to inventory movements such as a Sales Order, Purchase Order or Manufacturing Work Order can be allocated and applied to its respective accounting transaction.

In our latest Order Management version 3.5 release, we added a couple features which will further simplify the process involved with tracking inventory as well as preparing an order for shipment.  These features include:

  • New Serial number search functionality for efficient tracking of inventory items and their multiple warehouse movements.

  • One click PDF printing of packaging slips for easier shipment processing.


Along with our robust financial and project accounting tools, Accounting Seed gives you the flexibility to easily run your business operations wall-to-wall and on any device through the Salesforce platform.

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If you are new to our application, you can also download a trial license here.