Latest Product Release

In order to keep up with the latest technology and continuously improve our product, we release new versions of Accounting Seed a few times a year.

Hibiscus Release (Fall 2019)

Our new Hibiscus release is sure to push the boundaries of traditional accounting by offering the newest and most innovative features in automation and computing.

The latest release builds on essential functions and brings new features to our users, chief among them are weighted-average cost inventory valuation, integration to Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning solution, and enhancements to the manufacturing build and allocate processes, customer statements, general ledger accounts, and expense reports.

Read more about our new Hibiscus features below and be sure to check our blog for any new developments or insights from Accounting Seed.


New Features Include:

For an in-depth look at the new Hibiscus features in action, check out our latest release video or browse the release notes. We are here to help, if you have any questions please contact our support team.

  1. Weighted average inventory valuation – Hibiscus updates the inventory costing method to a weighted average cost inventory valuation method allowing our customers greater visibility into profitability and inventory cost.

  2. Redesigned product build and allocation process – Hibiscus brings a more streamlined, efficient way to build inventory and an option for auto allocation.

  3. Multi-currency support for purchase orders and product costing – Along with the weighted average costing change, Accounting Seed can now provide a higher level of support for our multi-currency customers by tracking their inventory cost between different countries.

  4. Multi-currency expense report – Fulfilling our multi-currency functionality, expense reports have been added to the list of our features that support our multi-currency customer base.

  5. Integration to Salesforce Field Service Lightning solution – Customers who use Field Service Lightning will now be able to create an Accounting Seed Sales Order and/or a Billing directly from the Work Order with a click of a button, providing seamless integration to the back-office.

  6. Enterprise-level processing improvements – Continuing with our commitment to supporting mid-size and enterprise customers, we have optimized some of our processing to support our higher transaction volume customers.

Accounting Seed Expands into Enterprise Market

Our development and growth into the enterprise market began in 2018 when we established multi-company and multi-currency functionality. Now, Accounting Seed has expanded on these features to serve the needs of larger customers, including:

  • Increased data management and storage
  • High-volume batch processing
  • Advanced, real-time reporting
  • Enhanced API to handle more complexity

To learn more about Accounting Seed’s expansion into the enterprise market, be sure to read our press release highlighting this news.

“We have expanded our functionality, data management, and flexibility, leading us down a natural path to serving larger customers. Enterprise customers need a scalable and flexible back-office application to accommodate their unique requirements, and Accounting Seed delivers the game-changing solution they need.”

Tony Zorc

CEO, Founder

Accounting Seed’s Features

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