This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Accounting Seed’s Inventory functionality including Inventory Product Setup, Inventory Import Templates, Inventory Transactions, and Inventory Reporting.

Lesson 3: Inventory Transactions

In this lesson we will cover how to generate Warehouse Transfers to manage inventory between warehouse locations, complete Inventory Adjustments to track and record inventory movement, and Build Inventory to assemble Manufactured Products.

Module 1: 
Warehouse Transfers

In In this training we will cover how to transfer serialized and non-serialized inventory between warehouses and from one location to another within one warehouse.

Module 2: Inventory Adjustments

This training is designed to provide a comprehensive overview on how Accounting Seed tracks and records the movement of inventory whether it is setting up new inventory balances, fixing stock levels, or processing customer returns. In this module you will learn how to use Accounting Seed’s Inbound and Outbound Inventory Movements to manage your inventory.

Module 3:
Building Inventory Manufactured Products

In this training we will explore the process to build a manufactured product. The build process can be used to fulfill a sales order, or to simply increase available inventory.

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