Cash In

This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Accounting Seed’s Cash In functionality. The lesson areas covered in this course include Billing Customers, Recognizing Revenue, Managing Accounts Receivable, Receiving Cash, applying Customer Credit Memos and Returns, and Credit Card Setup.

Lesson 4: Receive Cash

In this lesson we will cover how to create and apply Cash Receipts, how to apply a Cash Receipt to a Retainer or Prepayment, and how to create a Bank Deposit.

Module 1:
Create and Apply Cash Receipts

In this training, we will cover several options that Accounting Seed provides to manage the Cash Receipt process including:

  • Creating a Cash Receipt and applying it directly to the associated Billing
  • Creating a Parent-Child relationship and processing a Cash Receipt
  • Creating a Billing for a Cash Sale from an Opportunity

Module 2:
Retainers and Prepayments

In this training, we will explore the process to create a Cash Receipt and apply it to a Billing as part of a prepayment agreement for goods and services.

Module 3:
Bank Deposits

In this training we will review the process to Create a Bank Deposit and the steps required to associate Cash Receipts and Debit Journal Entries with the Bank Deposit.

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