Cash Out

This course is designed to provide you a comprehensive overview of Accounting Seed’s Cash Out functionality from creating an Account Payable to applying a vendor Credit Memo. Click on the lesson below for a more detailed description and to explore each training module.

Lesson 3: Vendor Credit Memos

In this lesson we will learn how to create, post, and apply a vendor Credit Memo.

Module 1:
Create and Post a Credit Memo

In this training module we will learn abut Vendor Credit Memos. We will also Create and Post a Credit Memo. Once created, the Credit Memo can be applied to any Accounts Payable for that vendor.

Module 2: Apply a Credit Memo

This training module will show us how to apply a Credit Memo. After the Credit Memo is posted it can then be applied to any outstanding Accounts Payable for that same vendor.

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