Cash In

This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Accounting Seed’s Cash In functionality. The lesson areas covered in this course include Billing Customers, Recognizing Revenue, Managing Accounts Receivable, Receiving Cash, applying Customer Credit Memos and Returns, and Credit Card Setup.

Lesson 6: Payment Processing Via Stripe

In this lesson we will cover how to setup a Stripe account and how to use the Email Billing Payment link in Accounting Seed. We will also cover how to record Credit Card payments, fees, and how to process a Customer Refund.

Module 1:
Setup a Stripe Account

In this training we will review the process to setup a new Stripe account, add a payment method, and charge a credit card.

Module 2:
Email Billing Payment Link

In this training we will explore how to use the Email Billing Payment link to automate the payment process for customer credit card Billings.

Module 3:
Record Credit Card Charges and Fees

In this training we will review how to manage the Stripe dashboard and record Stripe payments and fees in Accounting Seed.

Module 4:
Customer Refund

In this training we will cover the process for refunding a Stripe payment for a customer including how to complete the refund in Stripe and record the refund in Accounting Seed.

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