Cash In

This course is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of Accounting Seed’s Cash In functionality. The lesson areas covered in this course include Billing Customers, Recognizing Revenue, Managing Accounts Receivable, Receiving Cash, applying Customer Credit Memos and Returns, and Credit Card Setup.

Lesson 1: Bill Customers

In this lesson we will cover how to Manually Create a Billing, Clone and Merge Billings, Bill From an Opportunity, and Create and Manage Recurring Billings.

Module 1:
Manually Create a Billing

In this training module we will cover how to manually Create and Post a Billing.

Module 2:
Clone and Merge Billings

In this training module we will review an efficient way to duplicate a Billing using the Clone functionality and learn how to merge multiple Billings into one customer invoice.

Module 3:
Bill From an Opportunity

In this training module we will cover the process for creating, editing, and posting a customer Billing from an Opportunity.

Module 4:
Create and Manage Recurring Billings

In this training module we will explore how to efficiently manage Recurring Billings by utlizing the Accounting Seed Recurring Billing functionality. We will also cover how to easily mass create Billings from a Recurring Billing List View.

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