Harness all the data you need to provide quick, accurate quotes for clients in the same environment you use to manage key accounts.

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Gathering and analyzing the appropriate data is essential to making the right business decisions and providing the best coverage for your clients. This can also be a time-consuming process. Accounting Seed eliminates much of the legwork through our account inquiry feature that lets you combine accounting data with any additional account information. Customize your reporting and billing processes to suit the specifics of each customer, streamlining the way you manage a diverse portfolio of accounts.

Key Features for Insurance



Customize every aspect of your financial management to accommodate individual client needs and overarching requirements.


Revenue Recognition

Track income within the same system as your account data to ensure accurate financial information. Drill down to specific account details to identify issues or analyze account profitability.

Recurring Billing

Automatically generate bills for individual customers in bulk. Bill customers on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or semiannual basis.

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