Manufacturing Accounting Software   

Flexible manufacturing accounting software gives you the power to operate your manufacturing business the way you want it to run instead of being held back by software constraints.

Custom Manufacturing Accounting Platform

No matter what you create, Accounting Seed frees you from having to conform to a single mold of how your manufacturing business should be managed. Check out our manufacturing accounting software features:

  • Easily configure or customize your sales orders, billing, and account data management in the way that best suits the needs of your individual business.
  • Streamline transactions through automation.
  • Manage inventory and revenue recognition all in the same place for a more efficient financial management process.

This also makes Accounting Seed highly scalable and equipped to match your developing needs as you grow and expand. Watch NVIS, Inc.’s customer story and learn how they utilized Accounting Seed’s API.

“Our inventory position became accurate. Reporting became accurate. What we couldn’t do before Accounting Seed, was have reliable information, updated in real-time. To me, this is the biggest advantage of having Accounting Seed.”

Marc Foglia

President, NVIS, Inc.

Key Features for Manufacturing Accounting Software

Order Management

Order Management

Use the world’s most flexible business management platform to align our software with the way you do business. Build your order management process to your unique specifications through clicks and not code.


Inventory Control

Manage your warehouse and inventory details alongside accounting to have a complete picture of all your finances and streamline operations.



Create unique tags, bills, reports, and labor processes according to your specific manufacturing needs, developing your own company standards for efficiency.

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