Ryan Faulkingham

Solutions Engineer

Ryan Faulkingham brings his dual experience as an accountant and product specialist to his leadership role as our Solutions Engineer.

From leading the sales team to representing Accounting Seed at Salesforce’s Dreamforce event, Ryan does it all.

An accountant by trade, Ryan enjoys working with customers to revolutionize their financial management. Ryan’s goal is to open people’s minds to what accounting can be, not only as a necessity, but its potential to help empower business decisions and make organizations more effective. Besides providing basic solutions to customers, Ryan is passionate about helping them harness Accounting Seed’s automation to enhance their whole operation. Ryan loves to help customers realize how much time, energy, and money they can save with our product.

Ryan also works with Accounting Seed partners to implement the product. Working with a range of Salesforce and other technical specialists, Ryan serves as a subject matter expert and guide to ensure a smooth adoption of our product.

Ryan graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a degree in accounting and finance. Since then, Ryan has served as an accountant for both public and private positions for companies like Prizm Consulting. Growing up in Maryland, Ryan is a lifelong Orioles fan and is a Jeep enthusiast.