We know that adjusting to the work from home life has been troubling for some. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery from that at-home office space you have. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one struggling to get settled and be productive at home. The Accounting Seed team shares in your struggles and we have come up with other fun at-home desk ideas that you can make around your house when you need to change up the scenery. 

1. Desk with a View

Accounting Seed’s very own, Nick Havrilak has given up on the couch and made a make-shift standing desk! Nick gathered a few books from around the house and stacked them up on the ledge of his window sill to give him the perfect standing desk, as well as an awesome view of Baltimore City while he works. You can do this too by gathering books, magazines, or anything sturdy enough to hold your computer and placing them on top of any sturdy surface to make the perfect standing desk made right for your height.

2. The Chair Desk

Don’t have a windowsill you can stack piles of books on? No problem! While this option may look silly to some, once you try it out you’ll realize that it makes for another great standing desk alternative. Two of our teammates, Alissa Arford and Eric Campos, have resorted to taking one of their kitchen chairs and standing it on top of their tables! Depending on your height, you can place your chair on top of your taller kitchen table, or place it on top of a low coffee table to make it adjustable to all heights. 

3. Grab A Dog

Have a cuddly dog that’s lazy? Make them the desk! Have your pup plop right in your lap as you’re comfy on the couch and use their back as a desk for your laptop. Perfect for a rainy, cold day when you just don’t feel like getting out of your pjs. Our Videographer Ben Baker-Lee uses his cuddly pup as a desk to complete his work when he is relaxing on the couch.

4. Take It Outside!

It’s hard to sit inside when that gorgeous spring weather hits, so take your work outside and get some fresh air! Nice weather and fresh air is sometimes all we need to regroup and gain our focus back. Bring your laptop out on your porch, roof, sidewalk, or even set up base in your lawn! Our Graphic Designer, Maura Geiselman took her office to her rooftop this afternoon to catch some sun while finishing up the workday. This can be a great way to get work done, as long as your wifi reaches! Enjoy the awesome weather and views while getting your work done as well.

5. Use Your Bed

Make a standing desk in your bedroom! Use your bed, an ottoman or pillows, and that old ironing board as the top piece for the desk. If you don’t have an ottoman, just use some pillows to stack up, then lay the ironing board on top for a sturdy desk-like area and BAM! You have got yourself a standing desk right in your bedroom! Check out how one of our teammates created theirs.

6. Use A Bowl

Take your work to the kitchen table for a change of scenery during lunch and stick around in the kitchen for a while. If the kitchen table is lower than you would like and you feel your posture is lacking, grab a bowl! Just place your laptop on top of a bowl for high elevation and this will help keep you from slouching. Our Marketing Associate, Nicole Wagner, showed us this trick while she was working from her kitchen table throughout the week. Check it out and see how easy it can be!

We know the times are tough and working from home can be stressful (and certainly take a toll on your posture!).  But let’s get creative and help one another come up with productive work-from-home ideas. 

Have you successfully transformed your home into an office space? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and be sure to tag us in your post!


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