Looking back at this year, there were many exciting milestones in the realm of Salesforce and supporting cloud technology. The AppExchange reached new heights with more than Five Million installs. Also, according to a recent study conducted by IDC on the Salesforce Economy, the Salesforce ecosystem, in 2017 alone, nearly quadrupled the size of Salesforce itself. With a booming ecosystem of partner apps and services offered, more and more Salesforce users are benefitting from the front and back office tools released on the platform. As an ISV Partner of a top customer rated native Accounting application, Accounting Seed continuously delivers new features and functionality year over year to improve back office efficiencies on Salesforce. Here are a few of our favorite features and enhancements that we added to our application in 2017:

  1. Grid Row Entry Option for faster recording of accounting transactions
  2. Offering the enhanced Lightning UI Experience on Salesforce
  3. The ability to Create a Drop Ship PO Directly from a Sales Order
  4. The launch of Accounting Seed University online and on demand video based training 
  5. Support of ACH Payments

The above list is just the tip of the iceberg on the robust features and resources available from our cloud accounting application.  With 2018 approaching, we look forward to delivering new features and ways for you to streamline your back office tasks on Salesforce.

To learn more how Accounting Seed can automate your back office, schedule a demo with us today.