One of the key components in many businesses’ back office is a payment processing system that can be customized to meet all their business management needs.  AppFrontier has designed a 100% Salesforce Native payment processing application that integrates seamlessly with Accounting Seed’s functionality.

chargent_inteChargent is perfect whether you need it for a one-time billing or to set up recurring payments. Since it is a native application, all of your payment information is stored directly in Salesforce.

chargent_inte2Chargent includes a pre-built integration with Accounting Seed that allows users to check a single box in the Chargent application and successful transactions will automatically post in Accounting Seed as a Cash Receipt or Cash Disbursement.  You can then apply the Cash Receipt or Cash Disbursement records to the Account that was billed without any extra data entry.

chargent_inte3If you are interested in learning more about this partner we are teaming up for a webinar on February 11th at 2:00 pm EST. Register here.