As a part of our mission to provide customers with the best accounting platform on the market, our goal is to develop meaningful content to enrich your life and business. In case you missed any of them, here are the top videos of 2020!

1. The Accounting Game with Buddy

Everyone should be financially literate, particularly when you’re running or managing a business. But that doesn’t mean accounting has to be boring. That’s why we developed a game to give you a fun way to learn the basics. Watch our intro video first and then download the game board and guide here.

2. An IT Career Change During COVID-19 is Possible

COVID-19 has rocked the livelihood and job security of many people around the world. You might have friends, family, or colleagues who are out of work as a result? For those looking for opportunities, a career change to the still booming IT industry may be the answer. In this new video you’ll:

  • Explore 5 IT jobs you can perform to break into the tech field
  • Learn about these roles, the requirements, and resources to help you transition
  • Get insight from IT professionals and career change experts to help you own your career!

3. Accounting Seed Helps NetPlus Alliance Thrive

The way NetPlus Alliance has been able to grow since the adoption of Accounting Seed is a great example of how flexible our platform is. Businesses of all sorts are not only utilizing Accounting Seed during these unprecedented times, they’re thriving as they continue to mold the application to their business processes. 

4. Accounting Platform VS Application – What’s The Difference?

Accounting software, applications, and platforms – do these all reflect the same type of solution? Not at all. Accounting applications typically only work one way, while an accounting platform provides the flexibility to grow and scale according to user needs. This difference is decisive for giving you more effective accounting and saving time and money in the long run. In this video and blog we delve into how and why. This is one of our most popular videos with 46,000+ views!

5. How Do You Choose the Right General Ledger Architecture to Scale?

If you’re building a house, a nail gun will serve you more efficiently than just a hammer – it’s the same principle with your accounting system, particularly for the general ledger! In this video, we dive into the factors that dictate what you need in a general ledger and why you need to scale your accounting.

That’s a wrap for 2020! It’s been a crazy year. We can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for Accounting Seed! Be sure to subscribe to the Accounting Seed and Tony Zorc Channels on YouTube for a full list of all of our videos.

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