Work Orders are an important part of any company that needs to keep track of both products and services of which the combination of the two fulfill on the value proposition.   With Work Orders you are able to keep track inventory parts, purchase orders, labor and measure the results of your business efforts.  In Accounting Seed, our Work Order is seamlessly integrated into the Salesforce Opportunity and the rest of your business management solution.

In Accounting Seed you are able to create a Work Order directly from the Salesforce opportunity.  This allows the user to price and quote a combination of products and services and then fulfill the order in one click. Once you have created a Work Order, the options are endless. We offer robust reporting so you can keep track of all aspects of the Work Order process.  For example, you can see profitability reporting and view your actual spend vs your budget.  You are also able to keep track of labor and track the Work Order’s progress in the General Ledger with robust work in process accounting.

 With Accounting Seed running your business on one platform has never been easier, integrating Work Orders with the business management process makes keeping track of materials and labor seamless.